Thursday, September 13, 2012

Repairs and Servicing

One of the services we offer here at Cley Spy is repairs and servicing of binoculars, telescopes and tripods. We have two in-house engineers who can carry out repairs to most equipment that is no longer covered by warranties and we can arrange repairs of items that need to be returned to the manufacturer. Some of the most common types of repairs we encounter are listed below.

Over 50 years of experiance. Our Head Engineer Maurice
 realigning binoculars

Realignment of binoculars. The most common problem with binoculars is double vision often caused by the prisms getting jolted out of position. This can usually be fixed in both Porro prism and roof prism binoculars by adjusting the prisms or objective lenses with the binoculars on our collimator bench.

Internal cleaning and servicing of binoculars. Many older non-waterproofed Porro prism binoculars get a build up of dust, water marks and even fungus on lens and prism surfaces. Removing this contamination requires completely dismantling the binoculars and so we also service all moving parts while we are at it. This can also be done with some older telescopes.
The internal parts of a Wray 9x40 binocular

Replacing and repairing twist-up eyecups. Being a vulnerable part of binoculars and telescopes these often get damaged. Many current models can have replacement eyecups fitted without having to send them away to the manufacturer.

Tripod repairs. We can perform surgery on most tripods and monopods and if parts are required we carry stock of the most commonly needed bits. We also have a tripod graveyard which is a source of spears for older models that new parts are no longer available for.

If you have any enquiries about repairs and servicing please visit us at our Glandford shop or contact us via phone on 01263 740088 or through our website.

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