Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting seedy

As a follow up to the first blog here is a brief guide to the varieties of bird food we sell and what species you can hope to attract.
The key to a diversity of birds in the garden is regular feeding and a diversity of food, every species having its preference. If the birds in your area know they can visit your garden any time and be guaranteed a refuel then numbers will build up and, especially in hard weather, your feeders will be providing a lifeline. Established feeding sites can even turn up the occasional rarity, like the Arctic redpolls that have been here in Norfolk at Titchwell and Kelling this winter.
Below is a round up of the seed available from Cley Spy and what you can hope to attract.

Sunflower hearts
High energy and low effort. With no husks to remove sunflower hearts offer a quick and easy calorie-rich feast, making them attractive to most garden birds.

Black and striped sunflower seeds
Popular with greenfinch and chaffinch, but also eaten by other finches and tits.

Niger seed
Favoured by smaller-billed species such as dunnock, robin, siskin and redpoll. Niger in feeders and scattered loose on the ground can draw large flocks of siskin and redpoll, especially if there is good habitat near by.

Cley Spy Wild bird seed mix (white millet, black sunflower seed, wheat, cut maize, red milo, flaked maize and aniseed)
A lot of species can find something to their taste in this selection and is good for scattering on the ground for collard dove, blackbirds, dunnock and house sparrow. This broad appeal means a seed mix is a good way of attracting a range of birds if you have limited room for feeders.

Fat balls
Good for when the weather turns cold, lots of calories requiring little effort to get at.

The position of feeders is also important, as small birds don't like to make themselves vulnerable by crossing open spaces or being to far from cover. The best place to hang feeders is within a few feet of a thick hedge or some tall shrubs, out of reach of any local cats, but of course in sight of some where you can sit and watch unseen. Even if your garden is the size of a postage stamp you may be surprised by what comes visiting for a snack.

We stock a range of feeders all the foods mentioned above in 1-5kg bags and our Wild Bird Seed Mix also in 25kg sacks. Come and visit us at Glandford to see the full range.

Cley Spy

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