Monday, June 4, 2012

Wildlife update

After the very wet bank holiday Sunday the pond has been topped up to the brim and the sun has come out. Three smooth newts a selection of diving beetles and pond skaters have found the pond and are enjoying the weed and lilly pads.

Corn Chamomile and Poppies
The field has come into bloom now and is sporting an impressive diversity of species, from meadow grasses and delicate perennials, to dry waste ground species and the rather unkindly termed “weeds of cultivation”. The main attraction is the spectacle of the deep red poppies growing through the sea of white corn chamomile between the shop and the pond. At the top of the field a much more heath-like environment has developed, with shorter, tougher grasses and flower species associated with dry sandy places like, barren strawberry and fiddleneck.
Common Vetch
Wild Strawberry
Field Pansy


Flax sp.

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