Friday, February 1, 2013

Candid Camera

Caught on camera. Our resident barn owl.
The Bushnell Natureview
Cam HD
The snow that has been with us for the last few weeks has not only brought larger than usual numbers of birds to our feeds but has also left a trail of evidence of some of the wildlife that visits in the night in the form of footprints. Rabbits, stoats, deer and foxes have all left their calling cards in the snow. We have also found in and around our buildings the distinctive pellets and droppings of the barn owl that regularly hunts over the fields behind the shop. In an effort to see these nocturnal visitors we have set up an motion-triggered infra red camera that can record both still images, singly or in a burst, and high definition video. The camera works from four or eight AA size batteries and is just as capable at producing infra red images in total darkness using its built-in black light LEDs that do not disturb the wildlife as it is at full colour daylight images. After a few weeks of adjusting the settings and trying various locations we have successfully captured the barn owl roosting getting ready to hunt in the low afternoon sun.

Owl food Wood mice are one of the smaller
 residents of our back field
These cameras can reveal some surprising things in almost any location as was revealed by the BBC television series The Lost Land of the Tiger. Even if you don't have tigers visiting your garden these devices can give you an insight into just what is going on in the rose bushes. The key to success is patience and taking a trial and error approach to getting the position and settings just right.

We had a great start with ours and keep an eye on this blog and our Twitter and Facebook pages for more updates on the secretive visitor to our little wildlife haven.

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