Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dressed for the occasion

Having the right clothing is essential to enjoying being in the great outdoors. As well as keeping warm and dry, birdwatchers also need gear that is quiet, durable and that blends in with their surrounding. Here at Cley Spy we all have been through the process of trying to find the right equipment, be it optics, tripods or clothing, and know just how frustrating it can be. This is why we stock the best kit for the purpose at a range of prices to suit your budget and requirements. Be it occasional walking and birding or working outdoors in all weathers or hiking in the mountains we have the right clothing and staff who use this type of clothing most days and can offer sensible advice.

The two main brands we stock are Jack Pyke and Paramo. Paramo is highly specified technical hiking and mountain gear designed to be waterproof, breathable and quick-drying and light weight. Paramo also do a range of shirts and baselayers. Jack Pyke clothing is more classic country clothing and casual outdoor ware, including warm and waterproof 3-in-1 jackets, soft shell gilets and cargo trousers. Both are highly specified, comfortable and durable, and we like them so much that we all own items from both brands!

Below is some of the clothing that we have used over the last few years.

Paramo Taiga Fleece

Not your average fleece jacket, this is a smart, hard-wearing water repellent outdoor coat. I wear mine almost all the time and in the last 5 years it has been through mud, dust, sand and many hedges and still looks as good as ever. It has proved to be very resilient to thorns and is sufficiently water resistant for most rain I'm prepared to go out in.

Jack Pyke 3-in-1 Jacket

This is a two piece jacket consisting of a soft-textured waterproof outer coat with a zip in fleece. This is a very warm, windproof and waterproof country jacket with a good number of pockets and is quite when moving. It also has the additional feature of a fold out waterproof panel on the back that acts as dry seat wherever you are.

Paramo Cascarda Trousers

These technical waterproof insulated walking trousers are great as either over trousers or as a garment on their own. Like all Paramo waterproof gear these are hard-wearing and comfortable and easily maintainable with Nikwax Tech Wash and TX direct reproofing.

Jack Pyke Reversible Countryman Jumper

We liked these so much they are now our uniform jackets. Very warm, waterproof and windproof these are comfortable and hard-wearing. One side is dark green ribbed knitted outer with waist pockets, the other side is a soft fleece in a lighter sage green and has its own separate pockets.

All these and much more are available at our Glandford shop including Tilley and Laird of London hats, and Healthy Back Bags.

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