Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cley Spy, more than just binoculars.

Bee boxes and
wild flower seeds
Our Glandford shop is the best place to find the right optics for you.  With over 180 models of binoculars and over 40 scopes plus second hand equipment to choose from we can accommodate almost any requirements or budget.  But that's not all, we also have tripods, a range of outdoor clothing and hats, bird food and feeders, nest boxes, books, toys and much more.
Bird seed available in bag from 1kg
to 20kg.
Some of are latest lines include the really rather nice metal containers for bird food complete with a handy scoop for filling the feeders.  The same company also supplies us with the ingenious string tins and the contemporary style nest boxes and insect houses for bees, lacewings, ladybirds and other friendly invertebrates.

Nest boxes, insect boxes and
bird feeders

Just some of our books,
maps and cards
In our section for the younger nature enthusiast we have fluffy toys, a range of fun and informative books and a new selection of playing cards depicting birds, mammals, reptiles and insects.

As well as the Paramo, Jack Pyke and Tilley outdoor clothing we are soon going to be having some Stealth Gear jackets and their one and two-man collapsible hides.

Nature playing card packs
On top of all this we have a huge selection of accessories for birdwatchers and photographers including straps, tripods, monopods, heads, bags, cleaning equipment, magnifiers and torches.

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