Monday, June 24, 2013

Top of the range for less

Just some of our second hand binoculars
It is true for most people that once you have experienced top of the range optics in the field that afterwards nothing else will do. The price of the best equipment is not within the reach of everybody however, but it is possible to make your money go further by buying second hand equipment. Anyone who has been through the tiresome and stressful experience of purchasing a used car may not wish to consider anything else per-owned, but with binoculars and scopes it is a much easier choice. The nature of optics is such that it is easy to tell if they are working properly just by looking through them. There is no great science to assessing the condition of binoculars or scopes, as long as the lenses are in good condition (especially the eyepiece lenses) and you can see clearly through them, then they are all right. Some used kit we still be covered by the remainder of the manufacturers warranty. As an example a six-year-old used Opticron HR66 scope would still have the remaining 24 years of its 30 year warranty.

A few pre owned scopes in all shapes and sizes
Whatever your budget there is second hand equipment available, offering often better optical performance than new models at the same price. This is particularly true of the high end gear where even an older model can deliver a significantly better image than an equivalent priced new item. For example the Zeiss Victory FL was the best model offered by the legendary German firm until late summer 2012 when they brought out the Victory HT. The Victory FLs are now available second hand for hundreds of pounds less than the new equivalent.
Top of the range for less.  Used Zeiss binoculars

We always have a good range of used binocularstelescopes and tripods in our Glandford shop and on the website. The stock is constantly changing so keep an eye on the website and in the shop to grab a bargain.

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